A-class: the art of transforming technology into appealing design.

Of course, it primarily comes down to inner values - even with vehicles. But to be honest, it is the external appearance that magically draws our attention and gets our pulses racing. ‘A-class’, the subject of this article and what we at csi are proven experts in, plays a central role here. In A-class, data is created for the visible surfaces of a vehicle. This makes it decisive for the appearance of a vehicle.

So it’s about creating or finding surfaces which perfectly connect all the stipulations for design, function and technology. Which can also then be easily produced. Every part in the interior and exterior of a vehicle which is visible to the customer therefore undergoes A-class today. This requires sound knowledge about things such as layout, ergonomics, aerodynamics, design and construction, as well as modern manufacturing processes. Fortunate that we have these at csi. Even better, we have had a csi location at Kaiserslautern since 2019 which specialises entirely in A-class. It’s perfect that we can cooperate there with the Kaiserslautern Master School for Craftspeople (MHK), where, among other things, body work and vehicle construction engineers can be trained. Because this means that the trainees and valuable stimulus of the younger generation is not lost.


csi Kaiserslautern:
where young ideas and experience are turned into real ‘A-class’.

This is primarily thanks to Mathias Gischke, our A-class team leader in Kaiserslautern. Mathias has been working closely with MHK since 2012 and, together with Heinz, has continued to intensify the collaboration since 2019. Their success in this area is clear from the fact that all 11 employees at our Kaiserslautern location, including these two, who are MHK graduates. Most of them began their enthusiasm for A-class with a workshop over several weeks. Because the training to become a body work and vehicle construction engineer is so diversified that there is not yet any specific training for this segment of vehicle construction. Such workshops are a perfect opportunity to gain a first insight into A-class and develop an enthusiasm. That’s why csi offers 2 to 4 places for MHK students in the first academic year. In the second year of training, the theses are then on the teaching plan. “We are extremely proud that the large majority of our workshop participants also complete their thesis with us,” says Mathias Gischke enthusiastically. “Because this shows that we have awoken an interest in the subject and that we were able to win them over for our small, wonderful A-class family, but in particular for our innovative and dynamic company.” Both parties benefit from this - the graduates who, as can be seen from the examples below, were able to submit really cool theses, as well as csi. Because every new workshop brings fresh ideas and concepts and perhaps even a potential new csi team member on board. In times when many are talking about the threat lack of skilled employees, this is a promising outlook. We are pleased to be able to welcome three new master students this month, August 2021, who wish to gain their first A-class experiences with us. We wish them lots of fun and success.

If you would like to know more about our A-class expertise or the training cooperation with the Kaiserslautern master school, please get in touch with Mathias Gischke. He has over 25 years of experience in the creation of surfaces and extensive background information which is relevant to the field of A-class.


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Mathias Gischke

Thesis 2019: Class-A interior and exterior on scan of an autonomous City Taxi. Team work by Lucas Vorwerk and Tim Busch.

Thesis 2020: EV concept of a class-A exterior with parametric rim and joint construction.Team work by Noah Greiner, Christoph Gaiser and Patrick Baumann.

Thesis 2020: Class-A exterior of a City Electrobike with research on suitable standard components and interface consideration.Team work by Tim Trefzger, Alexander Dicks, Andre Gassen and Julian Jildeniz.

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