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Workshop: Agile cooking

Joint cooking as an illustrative example for agile projects and processes.

Too many cooks - clear our minds!

How can an agile mindset be created in the heads of a team? How can an awareness of methodology be created at all and how can it be established?

In addition to exciting, practice-oriented training concepts, from an Agile Bootcamp to specific coaching sessions for teams, we also offer this format, which simultaneously places team building and direct cooperation in focus: agile cooking.

Here, you can find out live what defines an agile working approach and the differences to classic project management, while having a great evening with your team.

In our workshop, a team of 15-20 people together with our agile coaches, who bring their expertise from customer projects, prepare a three-course meal with an agile working method. The whole thing is developed in the course of five hours and results in a good understanding of agile methods, memories of a great evening with the team and lots of ‘aha’ moments about what it comes down to in practice.

If you’ve developed an appetite for more, then please contact us for more information about your individual agile cooking workshop!


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