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Work first, then off to the slopes

When we have the opportunity to visit our colleagues at ALU-CAR, we usually take our snowboarding and ski gear with us in winter, and our bikes in summer. Why is that? Because the ALU-CAR team lives and works where other people go on holiday: in Winterberg.


Winterberg lies in the Hochsauerland region, a low mountainous area of Central Germany, that offers holidaymakers and sports enthusiasts everything they need to leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind in a trice: the most modern ski region north of the Alps, a veritable wealth of hiking trails and bike tracks, (summer) toboggan runs, a ski jump and any number of other recreational and fitness activities in a picturesquely beautiful area of unspoilt nature. The list of things you can do in Winterberg is constantly getting longer. Like our stays there. When we visit ALU-Car, we generally tend to stay overnight, like the 1.5 million or so room nights the Winterberg Tourist Association records each year. Added to this are a further 2 million day visitors from Germany and predominantly Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. These are impressive figures when you consider that the town of Winterberg itself only has a core population of 12,500.


Shaping the future during the day. Enjoying the here and now in the evening.

15 of the inhabitants of Winterberg are extremely bright minds, as they form part of our ALU-CAR team. They have been developing body architectures, vehicle structures and HV battery housings for well-known vehicle manufacturers, including AUDI, BMW, Bugatti and Mercedes, as well as suppliers and component manufacturers, for over 20 years as an engineering partner to the automotive industry. Among other things, they are working on how innovative material combinations and intelligent designs can reduce the spiralling weight of vehicles, which has been increasing for some time now. And after work or at the weekend, they enjoy the benefits of living in a tourist region – possibly by flying on the "Astenkick", high up on the Kahler Asten hill, a unique 1000-metre-long adrenaline rush. Among many other attractions, Winterberg is home to Europe's second longest mega-zip line. Brave individuals can take off into the valley alone or in pairs on this double-zip line. Speeding through the forest, just above the treetops at a blistering speed of 70 kilometres an hour. Wooooh....and the adrenaline comes free!


Not just on paper: work-life balance personified.

It is a great experience working and designing in the comfortable atmosphere of our state-of-the-art equipped ALU-CAR premises that we moved into in 2021. Colleagues can use a large staffroom as a chill-out lounge. It couldn't be easier to switch off here. Relocating to new and larger premises was urgent as the team has been growing constantly since it was established in 2000. As there was nothing available, our ALU-CAR team created the headquarters themselves. Ultra-central, right where the action is, in the "Neue Mitte" district of Winterberg. Close to the shops and restaurants. After all, you see, the ALU-CAR team understands perfectly how to combine work and leisure. Both privately and professionally.


Interested in moving to Winterberg?

We'd be thrilled if this article has inspired you to take a trip to Winterberg. And even more so, if we have piqued your interest in finding out more about ALU-CAR whether as a client for a new and exciting lightweight construction project or as a (speculative) applicant for a position at ALU-CAR. Like to live and work where other people go on holiday? - Then you think just like us.
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