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We received an award!

csi has been awarded as a MINT Minded Company 2021

The csi Group is a TOP MINT employer 2021 – this has been determined following the assessment of around 15,000 opinions.
This means the csi Group is one of 300 companies in Germany which contribute a significant amount towards strengthening Germany as a technology location and providing the targeted promotion of MINT specialists.
Each year, the initiative surveys students, pupils and young professionals via Audimax Print media, online and at career fairs.

We are please to receive these assessments, thank all those who gave their vote and continue to follow our mission:

We develop.

About the “MINT Minded Company“ initiative

Through “MINT Minded Company“, audimax MEDIEN GmbH together with MINT Zukunft schaffen, awards companies which promote MINT trainees, MINT talent and MINT specialists in a special way. Through the signing of the 10 point declaration, “MINT Welcome“, MINT Minded companies are taking a stance for the absolute necessity to bring MINT employees into focus in society as guarantors for the existing and further development of the economic location Germany and its skills.

The award can only be given upon nomination and cannot be acquired by financial means. 

The nomination is only made from the target group MINT students, MINT graduates and MINT talent. With these initiatives, audimax MEDIEN aims to set a standard in German company culture and underline the exemplary character of responsible companies. The aim is to convey to the wider public which employers are committed to the promotion of MINT talents in particular, in order to communicate this commitment externally and set it as an example.

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