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We are ‘Top Employer in the Mid-Sized Sector 2022’

The csi group has been awarded ‘Top Employer in the Mid-Sized Sector 2022’ by, a leading job exchange for mid-sized companies in German speaking regions.

The special thing about this award is: it is based on the access and reading behaviour of users on - more than 60,000 job advertisements were assessed within one year.

The assessment criteria are

- the number of users who reach a company on average per job advertisement and company profile

- the percentage rate of users who actually read the contents, i.e. stay on the page a corresponding length of time

- and the proportion of readers who take an application step, for example, by clicking ‘Apply now’ or the company’s website link.

A ‘popularity index’ was determined for each employer based on these three categories. 
The 1,000 best assessed companies were awarded the seal ‘Top Employer in the Mid-Sized Sector 2022’.

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