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We are shaping the e-mobility future!

csi and VROEGH Design are teaming up to combine the best of both worlds.

Everyone is talking about sustainability… we are working on a sustainable future.
Our cities are transforming forward to a new world. Last mile concepts, zero emission zones and sustainable living concepts are speeding up for our common future.
One piece of the puzzle is our mobility.

Mobility is getting more complex, shifting the moving world in several dimensions.
Cars and bikes evolve, moving closer to each other and blurring borders between them.

Therefore csi entwicklungstechnik and VROEGH Design are teaming up for our e-mobility future.

The design roots in the e-Bike industry combined with extensive experience in the automotive sector, we create a partnership which will be the perfect foundation to design, engineer and implement our future e-mobility world.

Let´s make it happen!


More information about this partnership (Flyer)