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csi caused a big stir at the IAA together with Smart and left a lasting impression, not only with the many fans of this trendy vehicle.

Background: Visitors were able to test “unleash the colour“, with the programmes “choose“ and “create“ at the Smart trade fair stand. With “choose“, people could select from the pre-configured looks for various decorative parts. At the IAA, these were the surrounds of the four round ventilation nozzles, the hood of the combi-instrument and the multimedia interface cover.

With “create“, a digital pattern swatch is used: The IAA visitors took photographs of their favourite patterns on the stand using a tablet camera with the “augmented reality tablet configurator“ developed by csi. These images were then transferred to a VR computer where they were processed with an algorithm and mapped to the decorative parts. The smart fan could then check how the individual decorative parts would look in the car using virtual reality goggles.

The special feature here: csi was able to connect the augmented reality configurator to a virtual reality scene via an interface and thereby project realistic photographic augmented reality (real and virtual world come together) with a uniquely high level of detail in the goggles.

If the IAA visitor was happy with the 3D impression, the decorative parts were printed on site with the special, innovative printer so they could take them away there and then.

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