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The irrepressible desire to embrace something new.

Being at home. It’s a special thing. At home, you can make yourself comfortable in peace and find everything where it should be. It provides a feeling of security. However, it is still worthwhile stepping outside of your own four walls now and again. Outside is where it’s all happening and there is so much to discover which makes life more colourful, exciting and varied. People, foreign countries and cultures; everything you need to broaden your own horizons.

That goes both for private and professional life. Here at csi development technology, we are at home in the mobility sector. We know which drawer to look in to find the right tool to manage the sometimes highly complex processes in automotive projects or realise innovations. Project management, project monitoring, task tracing, schedules, multi-project views, tailored solution approaches - this is the environment in which we spend our daily business life and we feel safe in it. Not least because we know the industry environment with all its players, partners, rules and special features inside out. That’s a good thing. What’s even better is that we keep a look out to see what else is going on around us. It’s what led us to come into contact with a construction group in autumn 2021, which had an interesting topic on the agenda. Wow, in real estate. Not our thing at all, which makes it particularly exciting! So we set out—once again—on a journey into a previously (somewhat) unknown world for us.


Well equipped:
with knowledge, tools and curiosity in our suitcase

During our ‘outing’ we met Dr Rudolf Muhr and his daughter Dr Eike Julia Muhr, Managing Directors of THE FLAG, a subsidiary of RMCB GmbH. With THE FLAG, real estate specialists are offering people of all ages temporary homes. The company from Frankfurt am Main (Europe-wide) is building its own flats for seniors, business people and students to this end and completing the living space offer with services suitable for the object, such as cleaning and washing services, care services, catering offers and community rooms. The demand for this attractive form of (temporary) cohabitation is so great that THE FLAG is growing dynamically. So dynamically and so quickly that the real estate expert was looking for a possibility to make the various construction projects with their different project phases more efficient, reliable and safe to manage and coordinate. As the people in charge of THE FLAG, similarly to us, like to occasionally step out of their domain in order to obtain fresh stimuli, it was only a question of time until we bumped into each other.

Since the construction industry was unfamiliar territory to us previously, Dr Rudolf Muhr already had some insight and contacts in the automotive sector, which is widely known for its complex processes and multi-layered projects. THE FLAG became aware of us through our shareholder, the MUBEA Group, in which Dr Thomas Muhr, brother of Dr Rudolf Muhr, has the helm. They found what they were looking for in us - a reliable partner with solid automotive know-how. After the first meeting it quickly became clear that the construction and automotive industries are similar in many respects: the interaction of the most varied disciplines and specialists as well as permanently changing requirements are on the daily agenda in both. What’s more, they want to be dealt with. Done and done!


Our path:
observe, comprehend, optimise

Within a few weeks we had familiarised ourselves with the construction sector, previously completely unknown to us and started our proven 5-stage model at THE FLAG. In the first phase, new structures were developed and established in the company, thereby recording all relevant steps and aspects, from the purchase of the land to the completion of an apartment complex for the area of Senior Living, Student Apartments and Business Hotels. It really was more than we had expected. In order to transport past experiences into the future, the generic for a schedule was then developed. Thanks to some spirited exchanges of experience and the excellent cooperation, Dr Rudolf Muhr and his team now have a complete overview of all the parallel building projects. The people in charge can react much earlier, more quickly and with more focus to the challenges than previously. We are currently in the process of creating a basis for a self-optimising organisation at THE FLAG, in order to be better equipped further growth. What more could you want?

Well, if it were up to us: more of these exciting, complex projects! In our comfort zone in the core sector of mobility, in the building industry where we have gained our first insights, but also gladly in all other sectors out there. Because we already know: as lovely as it is to be at home, now and again, you just have to get out! So feel free to give us a call, we are ready!


Regina Maßek
csi entwicklungstechnik | Munich

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