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Micromobility - The ultimate future potential

Lost time, environmental pollution caused by too many cars, traffic jams, the high cost of running your own vehicle. A bitter everyday reality in many cities.

Towns and cities are increasingly anxious to find intelligent solutions to overcome these mobility challenges.

That is also one of the reasons why for some time the subject of micromobility has no longer just been a “niche” issue – it is now firmly in people’s minds and on company agendas.


Micromobility – what does it mean?

The term micromobility is used to describe small vehicles that can travel seamlessly around densely populated urban areas, as they are more compact and space-saving than cars. They are designed for shorter distances of between 100 m and 100 km, are often powered by an electric motor and move at slow speeds.

But the look of these vehicles is less defined: electric scooters, electric bikes, Vespas, rickshaws and cargo bikes are all referred to as micro-vehicles.

The target group is equally broad-based: private transport, public transport, logistics companies and local authorities can all benefit from these little runabouts.

The use of electric motors is an essential benefit of these vehicles, as decarbonisation needs to be further advanced to combat climate change.

OEMs are entering into partnerships – transforming a single transport concept into a multi-modal system – in which multiple transport concepts form a single collective concept. Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) plays a key role. Apps provide an intelligent solution in this for access to different transport concepts.


We are small but capable of big things

We have been working on the most diverse micromobility concepts for over 10 years here at csi. From hydrogen-powered cargo bikes to L7-class vehicles: we bring our many years of consulting and development experience to the table.

We provide help and support in a range of fields – in design, simulation, calculation, construction, requirements management and certification. Clients, including Biohybrid GmbH, City Q and the Mubea Group, have put their trust in our development engineers to implement the most diverse concepts.


Lots of people talk – we act!

Mobility, sustainability, courage, curiosity, challenges, trends – we face these issues every day. It is therefore clear that micromobility is also a key issue for csi.

Why are we committed to micromobility?

  • Because sustainable mobility will safeguard our future
  • Because we are curious and interested in innovations
  • Because we want to be part of the change
  • Because we can use and expand the expertise we have gained from the automotive sector here as well
  • Because we get things done
  • Because we love challenges
  • Because we deliver customer and product-based solutions
  • Because we can.


We are the mobility partners.

The fast-moving nature of the mobility market, speed and innovation drive us forward. Micromobility is the major transport issue of the future.


We are developing the future of mobility – with you and for you!

Talk to us about the challenges you face! Our experts will then develop individual solutions together with you!


Stay tuned – in every respect.