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Is this scrap or can this be dumped?

Similar to art, good scrap can be used in the long term ...

Similar to art exhibits, good scrap can be used in the long term, it remains timeless, so to speak. Because with the right materials and the appropriate forms of recycling, new things can be created from this scrap - no matter whether the vehicle was previously a Mini or a Rolls-Royce, for example.

This topic is currently being investigated by BMW and 15 other partners in a research project named ‘Car2Car’, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK). The project is looking for innovative dismantling and intelligent sorting processes to increase recycling rates for aluminum, steel, glass, copper and plastics. As the project's coordinator, BMW wants to increase the proportion of secondary materials in vehicle production to 50 percent and make an increasing use of post-consumer materials.

Sounds complicated as it is.

And when you think of project management and in particular scheduling, committee management and general PMO functions for coordinating the 16 partners, it is not necessarily any easier. But anyone can do simple!

That is why we are very pleased to support BMW in this task in the funded project since the beginning of 2023. Okay, at this point we have to admit that we are also a bit of BMW fans, not only because they are the only car manufacturer and consortium leader in the ‘Car2Car’ funding project, and they want to drive forward the transformation to a circular economy but also it is certainly due to the long-term uncomplicated cooperation in various other projects. The fact that BMW is tackling this with our Project Management & Consulting unit from Munich is a pleasure and also a bit of an honor for us.

And after all - unlike art exhibits - the efficient use of our resources is not a matter of taste, but an absolute necessity that we all have to face.

Please send your enquiry to our Project Leader Phillip or the Project Manager Markus ore use our Contactform.

csi entwicklungstechnik Munich

csi entwicklungstechnik Munich

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