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High-speed 3D metrology at csi

When we do something, we do it right. And, of course, this also applies to our 3D scans and measurements, for which we use the powerful ZEISS GOM ATOS 5 system at our csi site in Weissach. We use it, among other things, to verify high-voltage batteries for one of our most important automotive customers. The new system delivers non-contact, material-independent, ultra-fast and precise results, and is currently “state of the art” in terms of industrial metrology. Even where other optical scanners might make things look dark, the ATOS 5 can see through, thanks to its sophisticated camera technology, strong light source, and high-performance software. This means that scanning or measuring high-gloss, reflective, transparent or dark surfaces is no longer a problem for our team. Although scans and measurements are still not yet performed at the speed of light, with their enlarged measuring fields they are at least twice as fast as older systems – even when scanning entire vehicle bodies. This means that developers and designers can see more quickly than ever before whether there are any deviations, faults or defects on individual components and on complex assemblies. And whether or where (design) changes need to be made.

At the same time, the GOM Inspect Pro software can also be used to calculate digital twins for inspection, adaptive manufacturing, simulation or surface reconstruction. This enables us to create detailed 3D models or generate closed surfaces that can be further processed in Catia etc. This also speeds up development and production processes, literally paying off for everyone involved.


Precision to go

That's good for us and our customers and therefore, maybe good for you too soon. After all, as the ATOS 5 is flexible and mobile – just like our metrology team – we could also use it for your company and even at your premises. Get in touch with us if you need an experienced service provider for the following fields, among others:


  • Non-contact surface scans of all materials
  • Comparisons of parts with CAD data or other components
  • Measurement of prototypes, individual or serial parts
  • Hand-held scans


We look forward to sharing the benefits of state-of-the-art 3D metrology with you. Get in touch with us!


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