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Dealing with the corona crisis

Dear business partners,

Given the current dynamics in regard to the development of corona case numbers and infection rates, we are all required to ACT consistently, but also to quickly adapt to the latest developments. It is our responsibility to slow the spread of the virus as much as possible in order to protect the weakest among us and support the health care system.

Both your health and ours are always the top priority. Despite the difficult conditions, we have a responsibility to our customers, partners and employees. We have already taken all the necessary measures in order to be able to continue business operations.

This includes, in particular, minimising the risk of infection within the company and during interactions with our partners. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary risks, we will be switching to digital meetings as far as possible. Furthermore, our employees have the opportunity to make their working hours flexible where necessary, as well as the option to work from home. The opportunity for shift work in the individual teams, as well as consistently adhering to the minimum distance by blocking off work places, additionally minimises the risk of infection. Employees returning from a risk region are sent home for 14 days to quarantine. External visits are reduced to the absolutely necessary and only permitted if there is written confirmation that there are no suspected cases in the immediate environment.

We do everything to ensure that normal business operations are maintained, despite the extraordinary situation.

Let‘s get through this together and look out for each other!

Don’t forget: it is always darkest before the dawn.

Stay healthy!

Your csi