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csi member in the CO2-HyChain research team

csi development technology GmbH is a development partner in the research project “CO2-HyChain“. Under the leadership of the Materials Testing Institute (MPA) at the University of Stuttgart, from August 2021, our csi engineers will be researching the optimisation of lightweight designs in a consortium of three institutes from the University of Stuttgart and nine industrial panels, including Audi AG and Daimler AG.

The project has financing of 5.7 million euros and is intended to drive forward and considerably develop research into innovative lightweight construction solutions. “With our expertise in developing light-metal solutions in vehicle construction, we are working together with top specialists to considerably reduce the carbon emissions from cars,” explains Dr.-Ing. Johannes Stöckl (project manager) from csi. The largest project promoted from the lightweight construction initiative (BMWi) technology transfer programme is initially set for a three year run-time.

“In the scope of the research project, solutions developed under laboratory conditions at MPA for joining metal plates made from aluminium and steel using friction stir welding in interdisciplinary research associations are further developed, scaled and transferred to industrial practice.

Press release from the University of Stuttgart: