Cutting-edge technology for innovative and sustainable HMI solutions

We are collaborating with the Finnish company TACTOTEK to drive forward innovation in IMSE®-based engineering services. Together with our strengths in mechanical engineering, lightweight construction, lighting and electronics, TACTOTEK's IMSE® technology is setting new standards in design, functional integration, weight reduction and, ultimately, sustainability.

IMSE (In-Mold Structural Electronics®) manufacturing technology enables innovative HMI (Human Machine Interface) solutions to be produced for a wide range of industries. IMSE® is the perfect blend of form and function, combining printed conductive inks with In-Mold Decoration (IMD) to create a complete HMI solution in a single component. IMSE® solutions make product assembly easier and faster, are lighter and more resistant to damage, reduce the bill of materials, and ultimately lower the total cost of ownership. They are based on proven processes and technologies and significant competitive advantages to manufacturers in all sectors.

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Sven Kübler

Ultralight structures for state-of-the-art applications

IMSE® stands for “In-Mould Structural Electronics”, that is ultra-thin, lightweight structures with integrated electronics. IMSE® was developed by the Finnish high-tech company TactoTek. As a licensed partner, we are pleased to be able to use this technology. It enables us to overcome the limits of mechanical design. The process makes it possible to print electronics or conductive materials and circuits directly onto plastic films, which are then formed in a three-dimensional process or incorporated into plastic components.

Revolutionary design possibilities with IMSE® technology

The integration of printed circuits and discrete electronic components into 3D injection-moulded plastics enables seamless structures to be produced. Where previously complex, multi-part assemblies were required, IMSE now offers a slimmer, one-piece and design-orientated solution that is also easier to assemble. This development offers engineers and designers new freedoms and possibilities. It allows them to develop innovative solutions and trends, thereby distinguishing themselves in the market.

The cutting-edge solution for versatile industrial applications

IMSE®'s ability to enable advanced features makes the technology attractive to companies in a wide range of industries looking to offer hardware-as-a-service. Given its small size, we firmly believe that IMSE® will not just play a decisive role in vehicle interiors. 
Other possible applications include aviation, shipbuilding, household appliances, the manufacturing industry and wherever the benefits of IMSE® solutions can be used.

Advantages of IMSE®

  • Unique, flexible design
  • Small size and lighter weight
  • Fewer parts, fewer tools, reduced inventory
  • Minimal assembly
  • Low operating costs
  • Reliable capacitive switch as there are no moving parts
  • Thin and lightweight control panel
  • One injection-moulded part with IMSE® SiP
  • One injection mould
  • No gaps where dirt and bacteria can hide
  • More environmentally- friendly manufacturing process, e.g. due to less waste

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