For csi it is not just important that the own employees feel well, but also that society, customers, suppliers and the environment are being treated appropriately. For this reason we engaged and participated in the "declaration of Heilbronn". This declaration represents a CSR-agreement which was founded by different companies of the greater Region of Heilbronn. By signing this we obligated ourselves for being responsible well beyond legal requirements for the consequences of our business regarding ecological, economical and social aspects.

At the moment we are engaged more actively in the social field; in 2015 on the occasion of our anniversary event for example we visited 4 social projects. At the end of the day people could vote for the distribution of a financial donation of 36.000 €. This way, "Elisabethstift", an establishment for children and youth care received 12.000 €, "Sozialwek Berlin e.V." help for elderly people received 10.000 €, "Initiative Rückenwind" which provides bycicles for refugees received 8.000 € and "motz & Co. e.V." which helps people without homes received 6.000 €.

In 2016 our different subsidiaries supported numerous social projects. One common project could be realized by the entire csi group in June where our employees could donate money for the food they consumed during a charity barbecue. This way we could raise about 2.000 € with which we supported the foundation "Big help for small heroes"; help for sick children and their families during and after their stay in the hospital in Heilbronn.

In the further steps we would like to focus stronger on environmental protection because there still exists great potential to reduce the ecological footprint.