Interview Dennis Bräuninger

Name: Dennis Bräuninger

Team: Cockpit

Position: Designer (Apprentice until 2016)

Location: Neckarsulm


How did you get your apprenticeship?

Csi caught my attention through an advertisement. Then I checked the website and sent my application. After my interview and a short internship I received an offer for the apprenticeship position.


What were your expectations towards an apprenticeship and did they get fulfilled?

I expected to be able to contribute and make significant impact in the development of vehicles after my apprenticeship. I was taught how to apply necessary tools and was able to use them. All my expectations and wishes got fulfilled and I was enjoying the time of my apprenticeship a lot.


Which tasks did you like best during your apprenticeship? Were there things that you did not like doing so much?

I liked best the autonomous problem-solving process. Especially in technical aresa at which we are operating there are many things ocurring daily, which you get to know and for which one will have to find the best solution possible.


How were you treated as an apprentice? Did you feel sufficiently supervised?

My parents told me this one saying: "Life's not easy at the bottom." But this did not apply at csi at all. I was welcomed in a very friendly way and especially the appropriate handling and great treatment amongst co-workers is part of the csi culture.


Do you have any advice for other students that are interested in an apprenticeship?

There possibility of doing first an internship at csi enables you to get an impression of the company, see if you like it there and to get convinced about the work atmosphere in the office.

Make use out of that!