Interview Chantal Schumacher

Name: Chantal Schumacher

Team: Cockpit

Position: Designer (Apprentice until 2016)

Location: Neckarsulm


How did you get your apprenticeship?

My sister did the same apprenticeship which has made me curious and increased my interest in this job. Through my dad I have heard about csi entwicklungstechnik and the opportunities they offer. After my 1-year internship at csi Wolfsburg I started my apprenticeship at csi Neckarsulm.


What were your expectations towards an apprenticeship and did they get fulfilled?

I expected to get a deeper insight into the automotive industry and to get more experience in handling co-workers and customers. These expectations got all fulfilled because also for csi it is very important to pay attention to every employee's wishes.


Which tasks did you like best during your apprenticeship? Were there things that you did not like doing so much?

I was very interested in rotating through different departments and teams because I got insight into each area of a vehicle. Also my internship at Läpple was interesting because I could bring in and broaden my manual skills.


How were you treated as an apprentice? Did you feel sufficiently supervised?

I felt extremely well as an apprentice. I could always contact my co-workers whenever I had questions or problems. Also in other teams I got a lot of help and assistance.


Do you have any advice for other students that are interested in an apprenticeship?

Be yourself! If you are interested in cars you have already won!