Attitude is everything

We believe that the right person in the right place makes all the difference. Because our success story is not only based on innovative developments, but also on a positive attitude.

Your attitude is important to us - regardless of whether you are just completing your studies, have already gained your first professional experience or already have several stages in the working world behind you.
You can apply for various positions with us or take the initiative to convince us of your suitability. Regardless of whether your résumé is straightforward or full of stages: we are interested in your personality.

We are looking for people who want to continue growing themselves, who accept challenges instead of giving up and who want to shape the future together with us.

Of course, we offer everything that other companies have to offer:
Flexible working hours with the option of mobile working, 30 days vacation, various additional benefits, ergonomic workstations, a young team, open doors, individual training opportunities and, of course, sport and fun.

As an applicant, of course you want to know whether you fit in with us, whether the job feels good and matches your expectations, whether you feel comfortable in your new working environment, whether you will have cool colleagues and whether you can develop and grow yourself.

Apply to us and we will show you personally what our attitude looks like.

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