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The employees at csi are a STRONG TEAM. Some 580 employees are known for their RELIABILIATY and CONSISTENCY. We work together without compromise towards one goal – to delight our customers with our expertise  and skills .

We have been MADE IN GERMANY  for over 25 years  and, with 9 strategic locations established in Germany, we are always close to you. German engineering has a global reputation for quality, efficiency and focus – and the same applies to us. Proximity to our customers is important to us, we have a  strong network and promote productive knowledge exchange both inside and outside the company.

We use the proper METHODOLOGY. The perfect result can only be achieved by developing creative ideas, implementing them efficiently, acting expediently and always keeping the product in focus. We actively promote change processes through agile processes and design thinking. Related creative techniques and a cross-interface observational approach combined with an extensive wealth of experience in relation to function integration, production processes and technological possibilities, ensure that future-oriented solutions are generated in every project.

We are a development partner for the automotive industry and we are more.

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